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Our Directors

Katharine O'Dowd, Secretary

Katharine is an architect and urban designer, mother of two young children and wife of Mick - a quadruple amputee and wheelchair user. Katharine is passionate about improving access to quality support and services for disabled people and their families.

Tom Pagonis, Treasurer

Tom has 35 years of Project and Change Management experience, creating cost-effective solutions for complex industry initiatives in rural and metropolitan areas. He managed the Our Forests Our Future program, a $110M government project to re-employ Victorian timber industry workers. Tom is also a certified senior mediator and a practiced representative in various forums, including the Fair Work Commission and the Accident Compensation Conciliation Service. He has expertise in vocational training, policy development, and practical workplace application assessment, making him a valuable addition to the Board of Directors.

Tizzy Vigilante 

With more than 25 years’ experience in the Financial Services and FinTech industry, Tizzy Vigilante is a respected executive. Throughout her career, she has worked with organisations in various life stages, from innovative start-ups to large acquisitions, mergers, transformations, and buyouts.

Tizzy's expertise lies in identifying and unleashing the potential of a venture, establishing the appropriate structure to facilitate rapid business growth, and aligning the team with a strategic direction that delivers client-focused solutions. 

As a passionate and dynamic leader, Tizzy focuses on inspiring and empowering individuals to achieve their goals and drive business success. Her achievements include IT Innovator of the Year and steering two ASX-listed companies to market dominance.

Mandy McCracken, Founder & Chairperson

Mandy is a writer, speaker and regular face in Australia’s media. In 2013, she became a quadruple amputee due to sepsis and has since become an advocate for people with disabilities. Mandy is the Founder of global support group, Quad Squad, and Founder of Get Started Disability Support Australia.

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