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The Quad Squad

Multiple limb loss global support group

The Quad Squad

Established in 2015, The Quad Squad began when three quadruple amputees met in a pub.


Surrounded by their families, it was the first time each of them could truly shared the highs and lows of living without limbs. With loads of fun and laughter, it was an invaluable chance for everyone, including their kids, to talk to someone living through exactly the same experience.


Fast forward to present day, The Quad Squad is an online support group which spans across the globe. With almost 300 members, it supports new multiple limb amputees and their families through the transition from hospital to home. Members regularly share success stories, ask questions and offer each other support that's unique to living without hands and feet.

The Quad Squad community comes together bi-annually for a three day conference and social event. The aim is to create life-long friendships, share the latest technology and support each other from across the globe.

The Quad Squad is one of the support programs offered by Get Started Disability Support Australia.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch with us.

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